Using femtosecond lasers in eyes with previous surgery

Femtosecond laser technology may not be the right choice for every patient presenting for cataract surgery, said Kendall Donaldson, MD, associate professor of clinical ophthalmology and medical….read more


Benefits Of Finding A Licensed Optician

When it comes to corrective lenses for your eyes, there are few things that are more important, and you want to make sure that you are doing it right. Getting a licensed optician is the best way to make sure that you are getting corrective lenses that actually help you. Here are a few reasons you want to visit a licensed optician in Vista.

Getting the Prescription Right Is Crucial

The first reason you want to make sure that your optician is licensed is because of a number of negative consequences to wearing the wrong kinds of lenses. If your lenses aren’t the right strength, they could fail to help you or in some cases even make your eyesight worse. Wearing the wrong strength of lenses will also cause you to experience headaches, especially if you still have to squint in order to see.

You Want the Glasses To Fit

Another reason to see a licensed optician in Vista is that you want to make sure your glasses fit your face correctly. The optician will be able to adjust things such as the earpieces until you feel comfortable wearing your new glasses.

Prescription lenses are expensive, and you don’t want just anyone making and selling you yours. Be sure to find a licensed optician in Vista before going out to get your prescription filled.

Ten Choices for Glasses Based on Face Shape

There are a few factors to consider when selecting the most favorable glasses for your face. Size, color, shape, style, and material are some of the things to take into account. The easiest way to select glasses that complement your face is by knowing your face shape. The basic face shapes are square, round, oval, and heart. Here are ten types of glasses that will enhance these face shapes.

The heart-shaped face features high cheekbones, wide forehead, and a narrow or pointed chin. Here are three choices that will rock the world of the heart-shaped face eyeglass wearer: Rectangle eyeglasses are a good first choice. You can achieve a sporty look by choosing a sharp-edged rectangle frame. Choice number two would be a nice pair of wayfarer frames. They look great on heart-shaped faces and tend to convey a sense of independence. Third, if you are trying to achieve a high fashion, chic look, aviators are the way to go.

A round face boasts full cheeks, wide forehead, and rounded chin. The first choice for round faces is square eyewear. Square frames add contrastto a face with soft facial curves. You can sharpen your soft features by choosing rectangular frames with bold, angular lines for choice number two.

A wide forehead, boxy jawline, and broad cheeks indicate a square face. The cat eye-shaped frames are the go-to choice for square faces. This retro look became popular in the 50s and 60s, but it is still popular today. For great second and third choices, oval and round glasses look spectacular on a square faces. Choose oval or round frames that emphasize the brow line; specifically, those that have color and shape to balance out the square jawline.

The natural beauty of an oval face is always enhanced with glasses. This face shape looks good in almost any type of frame because the face is already well balanced. The wrap-around frames are whimsical and look fantastic on this face shape. The most popular choice for oval faces is geometric shapes like squares. Look for a pair of frames that is wider around the eyes. Square frames will balance and highlight the best features of an oval face.

So, there you have it—three great choices that will accentuate the heart-shaped and square-shaped faces and two ideas that will wonders for the round and oval face shapes. Knowing your face shape is an important tool in selecting frames. Please visit this website to learn more about eyeglasses frames in Chula Vista.

What Your Sunglasses Say or Don’t Say About You

What message are you sending when you put your sunglasses on? Did you know that sunglasses don’t just minimize the effects of the sun, but they give clues about your personality as well?The shape, color, and material tell everyone you see a tiny bit about who you are.

For example, if you choose to wear a pair of brightly, colored glasses, they are sure to make quite a bold statement. They exude confidence as well as the fact that you like to have fun. Red and black are power colors, and yellow is all about someone who is fun.

When it comes to frames, your choices are either metal or plastic. Plastic frames suggest a youthful and fun-loving attitude. Metal frames are the likely choice for professionals, making them look strong and responsible.

The shape of the glasses is the biggest sign of your personality type. For instance, those that choose to go with a round shape are often seen as gentle and creative. Round frames tend to represent tranquility and an attitude that all is right with them and the world.

Wayfarer frames have lost their nerdy reputation of years past. They have made a big comeback and are popular choices for people who are confident and who don’t care at all about what others think. If you are a person that drifts or wanders along the beach, don’t be surprised if you find yourself selecting this style.

Big, bold personalities often select big, bold sunnies. These are worn by the fashion conscious and those that are courageous enough to make a big, bold statement.

For those not wanting to stand out in a crowd, the choice for them will likely be rectangle frames. Rectangle frames can be stylish, but they have a way of making those who wear them look intelligent. Life is likely quite routine and in good order for the rectangle-frame wearer.

Cat-eye frames used to be associated with boring librarians; but today, the women who wear them are courageous, confident, and sophisticated. Ladies, who wear cat-eyes, know exactly what makes them tick and know how to get everyone to see it their way.

While personalities are much more intricate than sunglasses, for good or for bad, the glasses you put on your face do tell a little bit of your personal story. If you want to learn more about Maui Jim Sunglasses in Carlsbad, please visit this website.