Why An Eye Exam Is Important Annually

For most people, vision is considered their most valued sense. So it might come as a surprise that a large number of adults put off eye exams until they notice something is seriously wrong with their vision. However, many eye conditions can be avoided through appropriate preventative care and can be treated more effectively if caught early. That’s why the majority of eye care experts recommend an eye exam annually.

Annual eye exams are especially important for children, senior citizens, those already wearing corrective lenses, or those exhibiting other risk factors, such as type II diabetes. Children, in particular, need very regular eye exams to detect any vision problem which could interfere with learning.

Those who already wear corrective lenses very often procrastinate vision exams because they already have glasses or contacts. But out-of-date prescriptions can cause headaches at best, or even aggravate the rate of deteriorating vision. An annual check-up will not only ensure that your prescription is up-date date, but also check for other factors required for healthy vision. Eye doctors also check for corneal anomalies or other complications that can be harmful to good vision.

Good eyesight can make all the difference for work, play, and simply getting around. If you need an eye exam in Chula Vista for better eye treatment, visit this website.


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