The Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery, often known as LASIK, can work wonders for vision and often negates the need for corrective lenses for decades. Although laser surgery is no longer new, it has become progressively more efficient and effective over the years. If you are on the fence, here are some advantages to laser eye surgery you may not have considered.

Effective. Laser eye surgery is proven to correct vision in most cases. The vast majority of patients who undergo this kind of surgery achieve 20/20 vision or better, which is unheard of for most other treatments. And while most patients achieve perfect or above-perfect vision, almost all achieve at least 20/40 vision or better.

Long-Lasting. Laser eye surgery is permanent. There is no need to get a new procedure done every year or two years. And while laser eye surgery can’t completely immunize eyes from the regular strains of life, the effects of the surgery often last around 20 or 30 years.

Quick Recovery. Many eye procedures require a lengthy time period for vision to recover. But following laser eye surgery most patients can expect perfect or near-perfect vision as soon as the day after surgery. That means your regular schedule generally can remain uninterrupted after undergoing laser surgery.

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