Do Your Kids Need Glasses?

It’s a classic and frustrating story. A child struggles in school for weeks, months, or years only to find out that he or she simply could not see the chalk board. For many parents, it’s very difficult to determine whether or not their children needs corrective lenses. Poor vision can be hard for parents to diagnose because young children have difficulty explaining deteriorating eyesight. In fact, most children struggling with poor vision don’t even realize it is a problem until after they receive corrective lenses.

A great deal of heartache can be avoided by simply visiting an optometrist. These visits are quick and can easily determine if a child needs glasses or contacts. If you are considering visiting an eye doctor, here are some classic signs to look out for:

Using One Eye: Sometimes children who have an astigmatism or have better vision in one eye will close the other eye to help them focus.

Squinting: If your child squint to see words or letters at a healthy distance it is often a sign that they are struggling to see correctly. If your child is farsighted, it can also take place with things that are close-up, like a book.

Headaches: Headaches can be caused by the eyes becoming fatigued due to blurry vision.

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