Choosing the Right Contact Lenses for You


Many people with vision problems prefer contact lenses for a variety of reasons. They correct your vision without altering your appearance, they can’t be dropped and broken, and they don’t interfere with most daily activities. Once you’ve decided to give contact lenses a try, you will have some choices to make. Some contact lens options include:

Rigid Gas-Permeable

  • “Hard contacts”made of rigid plastic that allows oxygen to flow through to your eye
  • Provide the sharpest vision correction among different lens types
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to adapt to
  • Can be used for most vision problems
  • Long lasting and easy to care for
  • Can be used to alter eye color
  • Available in bifocals
  • Can slip out of place more easily than other lens types
  • Have a greater tendency to get debris trapped under them

Daily Wear Soft

  • Made of soft plastic
  • Allow for the flow of oxygen to the eye
  • More comfortable and less likely to slip around than hard contacts
  • Easy to adapt to
  • Available in bifocals and tints
  • Less effective than hard contacts
  • Require follow-up with a professional.

Planned Replacement

  • Soft contacts that are replaced at regular interval
  • Simple to clean and disinfect
  • Not available for all vision impairments.
  • Can be somewhat difficult to handle
  • Less visual acuity than hard contacts

Extended Wear

  • Extremely convenient
  • Can be worn for up to a week without removal or cleaning
  • Increased risk of complications
  • Require regular consultation with a professional

Extended Wear Disposable

  • Similar to extended wear, but discarded after removal rather than cleaned
  • Risk of eye infection is minimal
  • Not available for all vision problems
  • Less visual acuity than hard contacts

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